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In a recent survey by the Centre for Economics and Business Research commissioned by the Royal Mail, Sale was found to be the fourth most desirable place to live in England. Bebbington on The Wirral topped the list and was said to offer the best quality of life. You can see the full list here courtesy of The Telegraph:


The Centre considered a range of factors including the quality of the schooling, access to green spaces, good employment prospects, working hours, affordable housing and average commute times. The study highlighted that areas around large northern cities such as Manchester and Liverpool offer better work life balance.

This article in the MEN highlights those things that attracts those relocating to Manchester or those moving within Manchester, to Sale.


Whilst there is no denying Sale offers great housing and schooling, I lived there myself for many years for those reasons, the town centre is sometimes disappointing to those considering a move to South Manchester. Often the relocation process starts with a familiarisation or orientation tour which obviously includes Sale for the reasons discusssed but people often feel the centre lacks charm particularly when compared to Hale and the much improved Altrincham. We have had a number of clients relocating to Manchester who have moved to Sale despite being initially disappointed with the town centre and have not regretted their decision. More affordable housing than pretty Hale being the major factor

loads to do with kids - sports, theatre

as well as own great schools Altrincham schools AGGS AGSB St Ambrose Loreto aslo option

with places like cork of North/Mustard opening up hopefully soon will be full package.

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