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Today's blog was written by 'Elizabeth' who relocated to Manchester from Mexico. She has introduced me to the delights of home cooked Mexican food and tequilla that you sip!

My experience moving to Manchester.

Changing location it's always an adventure!! There are so many exciting things to come! But also many things that could go wrong if you don't pay attention.
Let's think about the basics, finding the perfect house, I wanted to find a place I could see my self coming every day after work and feel like home. A place that was near to a park and preferably walking or cycling distance from work, in an area that is safe and friendly. Sounds easy, but here is the catch, I needed a pet friendly house, and not just any pet like a gold fish, a dog... A big one!!
That was the real challenge for my agent, a part from meeting my budget. Many people would've seen my requirements as constraints, but she saw them as specifications... And it was the way she narrowed the search, but only for the perfect house but the perfect place in general!
It's important to get your bearings in the city, it's small and easy to move around, but it's always better to have someone that explains you where to go, where to avoid, what to expect from the different areas; specially if you come from a different country.
The days that she dedicated to me showing around, weren't only about places, those days for me were more like understanding the culture in the city.
At the beginning I thought that it was going to be easier to settle down, but there are so many things apart from finding a house! You also need to find a doctor, dentist, get your national insurance number... The correct tax code! Oh my! I didn't even know I had one and that was incorrect!! If you are not European, get ready for a long process regarding your driving licence.
It's not easy, but it's exciting! And having someone to help you make things going smoothly makes the difference.
I've been in Manchester now for a year and I like it!!! So, welcome and enjoy!