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Over the last couple of weeks we have been working with two families from the U.S.A:

One relocating to Cheshire from Atlanta where the cost of living is relatively low and families tend to be moving from particularly large houses even by US standards. The drive to the office and the availability of school places has dictated that the home search areas lie within Cheshire’s ‘Golden Triangle’ namely Prestbury, Wilmslow and Alderley Edge. Our school search has been focused on independent schools as the 2 children are new to the UK schooling system and due to differences between the UK and US systems both children are essentially missing a school year and will benefit from smaller class sizes.

The other is a University professor and his wife relocating to Manchester to take up a post at Manchester Metropolitan University. He wants to be in a quiet area with an easy commute into Manchester City Centre on public transport. His wife is an artist looking for local art classes, a gym, a community to become involved with and access to organic food stores. We are concentrating our search in Chorlton and Didsbury.

On the face of it both families have very different sets of needs/requirements but we are essentially considering many of the same factors:

  • Schooling

  • Commute times to work and school

  • Access to public transport

  • Proximity to shops, coffee shops, restaurants

  • Area type

  • House or apartment type

  • Leisure interest/hobbies

Schools are always the critical factor for those relocating with children.

If you are relocating to Manchester or Cheshire and need relocation advice and support get in touch.