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Apparently the cast of Cold Feet have been spotted filming scenes for the long awaited new series in the Northern Quarter, a lively vibrant area of Manchester City Centre very popular with young people moving to Manchester. In the original series the close group of friends lived in Didsbury (well they pretended they did!), a suburb south of the centre and we will look at Didsbury in a future blog.

There is nothing to say that the characters have moved into the City Centre, perhaps they are just taking advantage of the independent shops, cafes, restaurants and bars the area has to offer. Visit www.northernquartermanchester.com to see what’s going on.

The area is not for everyone; some find it just too noisy and lively. A recent client loved the light and open plan feel of an apartment in Jewel House on Thomas Street. We returned in the evening and asked for the music in the bar below to be turned to the highest volume………..she chose an apartment in Castlefield!!

Since the City Centre expanded, with new development to cope with the increasing numbers moving in, the Northern Quarter extended into the area north of Great Ancoats Street which forms part of the inner ring road, originally with mill conversions such as Royal Mills and more recently into newer developments such as NQ4, the Ice Plant and Flint Glass Wharf. Royals Mills remains popular with residents in rented apartments staying there for long periods. This area is mainly residential although new cafes and shops are popping up, so is good for those wanting easy access to the shops, cafes, bars and restaurants in the heart of the Northern Quarter but preferring to live somewhere quieter. The disadvantage is that the streets can be quiet especially at night but I have had a number of clients who have lived and moved freely in the area without any issue at all.

Being close to Piccadilly Station the area is also popular with those wanting to live in Manchester City Centre but working outside. The Holt Town and New Islington Metrolink stops on the East Manchester line between Manchester Piccadilly and Ashton Under Lyne offer a quick route to the station for those not wishing to walk – it does rain a lot in Manchester after all!!

New Islington bridges the gap between the Northern Quarter and Ancoats. New Islington is a regeneration area within Ancoats and Urban Splash, the property developers with their head office in Manchester, have been at the centre of development in the area with, for example, the Chips building. Ancoats too has seen much redevelopment in recent years such as the Nuovo apartments on Great Ancoats Street. Actually I have to admit to not being entirely sure where the Northern Quarter, New Islington and Ancoats begin and end!!

Until recently parents have tended to move out of the area once children were starting school but the New Islington Free School (  http://newislingtonschool.com/ ) has offered the possibility of primary school places but since their outstanding Ofsted rating in July 2015 places have been at a premium.

The Rochdale canal with recent improvements to the towpath surface offers opportunity those wanting to walk, jog, run or cycle.

Where are your favourite places in the Northern Quarter?

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