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Making it happen - for everyone involved

Many of those using the services of a relocation agent move to the area for a specific period of time and when it is time for you to move on we can assist you to ensure the departure is as smooth as your arrival!

We can help you with removals companies. We can conduct a check out inspection and liaise with the agents, cancel utility contracts, help you to dispose of/sell unwanted items,.......anything you need help with at another busy and potentially stressful time.


'......It therefore comes as no surprise that 3 years later when our time came to relocate back to Delhi, she was the one who handled it all for us once again. From doing things which we weren’t aware we should do such as helping me inform the Tax Authorities in case if there was a refund and informing the Visa agency about our leaving the country, to doing the usual things such as helping close utility accounts and sorting out our rent contract, Hilary managed it all seamlessly. I was also amazed by Hilary’s deep relocation industry knowledge. There are few logistics companies that specialize in India relocation, we obviously didn’t know this. Hilary negotiated a good deal with one of them and everything from Indian Customs clearance to delivery at our doorstep happened within 48 hours of our landing into Delhi. I can’t recommend Hilary enough for all kinds of end-to-end relocation related issues. If you are looking at relocating to Manchester or in the North West of England, look no further.'

Anurag Yadav, Scapa